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中華書院  錢復榮譽書院長


選課時間:2017年11月29日 ~ 2017年12月31日

課程介紹(Course Description)
Dr. Stephen Covey mentioned in his book that people who live by their character ethics possess powerful and deep foundation. Despite suffering from daily pressure, they keep growing and progressing continuously.
The course content is based on the character ethics to cultivate students’ seven highly effective habits, enabling students to achieve success through character education. Just as what Dr. Covey stated, ”Living in the orbit of seven habits implies a higher level of learning, committing, and acting. It is deceitful if we are merely contended with our minor achievement. We need to keep progressing, learning, committing, and acting.”
This course will present seven habits of highly effective people: be proactive, begin with the end in mind, put first things first, think win-win - seek first to understand then to be understood, synergize, and sharpen the saw. Students shall realize that besides physical survival, the biggest human need is mental achievement. The so-called ”Success” stretches far beyond outstanding academics, abundant properties, or glorious career. It should contain perseverant personal growth, harmonious interpersonal relationship, and finding the WAY to settle one’s life in, pursuing the mindset of ”Only the overall success is the genuine success.”
This course consists of four prats: Re-exploring oneself, individual success – from dependence to independence, group success – from independence to mutual dependence, and taking care of one’s life in all aspects. Students will be able to grasp their gateway to success through physical practice in daily life.